When we see pure water” on a water bottle or container, it should mean just that – that the water you are drinking is as pure as possible. But not all water is created equal, and what some water brands say is “pure water” is in fact anything but. The water may have been treated with chlorine or ozone. It may also contain a surprising amount of inorganic compounds such as sodium or nitrates. But S.G. AQUA SOLUTIONS, provide the only water that is 100% guaranteed to be completely free of chlorine, bacteria, fluoride, sodium and other impurities that are so prevalent in both tap and bottled water, through its high quality water treatment system and RO Plants. We achieves this purity by undertaking the most advanced Process in the world, which is a three-step filtration process. The result is water that not only tastes great but is great for you. S.G. AQUA SOLUTIONS is about taking control of what’s in your water. That’s because we believe Pure Water should mean just that – water that’s 100% guaranteed to be completely free of all impurities.

Our Story

We have the team of professionals, which have 30-years experience of working in water industries. Persons who knows water better then any other. We can design unique water treatment plants for every conditions or use, whether it is used in home, institute, restaurant, commercial purpose plants or it's used in Chemical plants, boilers and sugar mills etc. With us you can assured of definite Quality and hassle free performance. We provide dedicated and time bound after sales services. We are always available for consultancy or resolving the issues for any queries regarding products and services. We never compromise on the quality of our products.

Team S.G. Aqua Solutions:

 As all of us know that no race can be won without the right direction. And in today's world no business can run without technology also. So we have a perfect team of people which has well experienced and as well as young energetic mind. We have, Mr. Surender Singh, who has great 30 years of experience, Mr. Shanker Lal Saxena, who is tech-friendly and Manish who has young energetic mind. So in the direction of Mr. Surender Singh, and utilizing the strength of young ones S.G. Aqua Solutions approaching towards of it's goal of  providing  healthy water to all.
Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. It's a human thing.


Surender Singh

Founder & Partner

Former Project Manager (ION Exchange), He working in water industries for last 30-years.


Shanker Lal Saxena


President, Navyug Press and Youth Welfare Society (Reg.) Socially active for awareness of Pure Water for last 10-years.


Mamish Gosain


A-young energetic mind with great knowledge of latest water purification technology and products.

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